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    Zainix USA LLC Born in America.
    Serving the World.
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    For all your Pet Needs.
    As we care about them.
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    Great Technology Partner From Website,
    Software to All your Technical Support
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    Supplier and Exporter of Timber (Logs and Lumber)
    from North and South America,
    Southern Yellow Pine and Teak wood.
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    We trade into Scap Metal,
    Oil and Gas Drilling Chemicals, Petrochemicals and it by products,
    Construction Material and many more.
  1. 1 Professional people with years of Industry experience.
  2. 2 Global presence. Serving the world.
  1. 3 We understand the need of industry.
  2. 4 We are committed to continuous improvement.

Product we Export from around the world. Timber: Teak and Yellow Pine, Petrochemicals, Oil and Gas Drilling Chemical, Scrap and Metal etc.


We are looking for a reliable suppliers. We Import Pet Natural Treats, Ceramics and Construction Material, Leather Goods and Paper.


We have our in house Information and Technology team. We work with our clients for Business Knowledge Outsourcing, Software and Web Development, Online Marketing etc.


We are here to work together. Lets share an idea lets work on a project. We welcome Distributor, Affiliates to Partners with us and we will help you earn being you own boss.


How we work

1. Request Quote

Customer request for free quote using Contact us form or by Call or Email.

2. Team Assigned

After receiving the quote, As per the product and service it is assigned to department. Where in an associate gets in touch with the customer.

3. Execute

Here assigned team work with the customer to understand his/her need. Quality parameters, Time line, Quantity, Packing etc. After we have all the parameters clear we execute the planing sheet for production.

4. Production

All the necessary document are now handed over to the production unit, or to the yard manager. Where as per the customers need production is planned. After finalization of production quality team analyse the product once again to check each parameters are matched.

5. Deploy

We are at the final stage where the product or service is ready to be deployed as per customers instruction and time line. If we have third party inspection here they come to recheck the product. Export Import team starts coordinating with customer and consignment is now on the way to our valued customer.

Time Commitment

We value your time. We are committed to deliver every product and service on time and yes some times way before on time.

Quality Products

At Zainix we make sure you get the best quality of product in industry, because we understand, you deserve the best.

Best Service

Give us a chance to see how important you are for us. To check just fill up the Contact us form and tell us your need. We will get back to you in less then 24 hours.

Competitive Price

We value your money. Our price are as per the international Market trend and we care that our customer gets the best product at reliable price.

get in touch with us If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us

Contact : +1 281 219 9660

Email : info@zainix.com

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Zainix is Houston's Premier Recruiting and Staffing Firm

Our growth and success are directly attributed to our unwavering dedication to treating both employers and job seekers with the respect and personal attention they deserve. That dedication and focus have translated into a 95% match satisfaction rate, a measure of client satisfaction versus expectations.

We Deliver Talent, So You Can Focus on Your Business

Locating and attracting top talent is more competitive than ever. Our clients turn to Murray Zainix, in part, for our ability to identify talent quickly and to place the right people in the right positions, at the right time. It's about driving productivity, controlling costs, and improving the efficiency of hiring, managing, and retaining talent. It's about delivering bottom line results.

Who We Work With

At Zainix, we work with forward thinking companies and candidates in a variety of industries and functions. Our clients include Fortune 500 corporations, as well as prominent small and medium-sized businesses throughout America. We work with leaders in the IT sector, energy sector, manufacturing companies, real estate firms, engineering firms, marketing/advertising agencies, medical offices, media companies, non-profits, law firms, telecommunication companies, and transportation/logistics firms to help build their teams with high-performing talent

Let's Get in Touch: Send us email at hr@zainix.com and we will get back to you.

Website & Software

Trisoto is one of the best Web Design and Software Development organisation based in heart of Texas, USA. Established in 2005 with 5 experts with a vision to grow and excel, has now grown to 200+ IT Professionals.

Web Designing

In era of internet, Clients require presentation, website updates, redesigns, functions built, etc. Client require their web design company be available today, tomorrow and next year. So we are here to server you 24x7.

Mobile App Development

A great website design can be the most cost-effective advertising method for your business. How your website looks and functions greatly influences your customer's perception of your business. Trisoto not only offers web design, but also web and and app development giving your web presence awesome functionality for your customer and productivity for you and your employees.

E-Commerce Solution

Our team at Trisoto is highly skilled in creating shopping cart and online catalog websites. From start-up stores selling 20 products or less to database driven interactive sites, we can help you through the entire process. We can also provide help in acquiring your credit card processing system and integrating it into your store.

Trisoto is a brand owned by Zainix USA LLC for more please visit Trisoto.com

Trisoto is a leading provider of online technical support services to consumers and small businesses across a wide range of computing and communications devices and software. Leveraging its proprietary Digital Service Cloud software technology platform, Trisoto delivers support services to thousands of customers globally and its services are available on a 24/7 basis, 365 days a year.

What Devices Do We Support?
Everything. And We Mean That. Everything.
Because we never know what problem a customer might face, we make sure we are equipped to handle everything. Every single thing. Just call us, and watch your problem become ours.

Trisoto is a brand owned by Zainix USA LLC for more please visit Trisoto.com

Business Outsourcing

Customers play a significant role in the growth chart of any enterprise. Certain crucial elements such as cost & unmatched quality standards occupy important places. Hence outsourcing contact center services to an offshore provider is an ideal strategy that has to be implemented for witnessing progress in profit margins.

At Zainix, your business can benefit from a wide-range of call center and outsourced support services which can ultimately increase revenues, lessen organizational expenditures, intensify operational efficiencies and ultimately meet customer requirements.

Outbound Call Center

Our strategically developed outbound call center services have been developed exclusively for sales and marketing teams. With us, you can ease down customer acquisition processes, focus on core competencies and increase revenues. With time, we have developed an unsurpassed proficiency to accomplish goals that are explicitly business oriented.

Inbound Call Center

Our strategically developed outbound call center services have been developed exclusively for sales and marketing teams. With us, you can ease down customer acquisition processes, focus on core competencies and increase revenues. With time, we have developed an unsurpassed proficiency to accomplish goals that are explicitly business oriented.

Search Engine and Social Media Marketing

Search engine placement can mean the difference between success and failure of a website. Our search engine placement service is guaranteed to increase your exposure in major search engines. Top search engine placement can mean more business, better leads and improved customer retention. If you are serious about using the internet to create more and better leads, then this service is a must for all companies.

White-hat SEO that get's results

The team at Trisoto are experts in getting websites to the first page in Google. Our method builds upon what Google is looking for in a good website. Content, links and programming. We offer a variety of SEO packages that fit most budgets. Our clients typically start seeing results within the first week of the project. We provide complete keyword and competitor research and reports on our progress.

Our Search Engine Management (SEM) services include paid ad management in the following search engines:

our brand

in our brands Little more about our Businesses

Timber (Exporting Southern Yellow Pine and Teak)

Tris Timber is the renowned Teak Wood suppliers, exporters, Southern Yellow Pine suppliers and exporters of the wooden logs and timber located in South East USA. We have our own specialized plantation base in North & South America where healthy export quality Teaks and Southern Yellow Pine (SYP) are grown under the proper supervision of Agro-farming experts. Over the time we have gained customer trust in different geographical locations of the world by supplying finest breeds of Teak & Southern yellow pine logs and Lumber.

Dog Food (Natural Product as we care about your Pet)

Dr Tris, A quality name in Pet Treat Industry is one of the subsidiary company of Zainix USA LLC. We have strongly established ourselves as the leading quality supplier and exporter of Pet Treats and foods, with our operational branches in India and South America (Colombia and Ecuador). We are exporter of different segment of Natural and processed Pet Treats with 100% customer satisfaction.Our Treats are made from natural beef and pork parts to satisfy the chewing, digestion need of your pet. Dr Tris emphasis in producing 100% natural product with no added chemicals.

Technology (Website, Software, Apps and Many more)

We at Trisoto are obsessed with the latest technology with the help of which we work on all the possibilities that can help our clients in achieving a better future for their business. Businesses need to have a robust IT related infrastructure to remain competitive and relevant for the customers. We have experts that deliver customized solutions to the enterprises as per their specific requirements.Website, Software, Apps Development, E-commerce Solution etc


Our Best People We have the best in class people all around

  • Katherine HR-Staffing
  • Bilal Mehfooz Asst. Manager, India
  • Adriana O Almeida Business Control,
  • Jose VelardePurchase Manager Mexico
  • Urooz Smith HR and Training Manager, USA
  • Aman Sid Team Manager, UAE
  • Want to join us ?

  • Zaid Khan Manager Technology
  • Ryan Carl Manager Logistics,
    North and South America
  • Uzee Rasher Manager, Panama
  • Sofia Ballmer Finanace and Banking Manager
  • Soharic Manager Ecuador
  • Lynn Operation Manager, Colombia

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